It is the mission of New Pathways to positively impact the community by teaching self-worth, emotional growth, and empowerment.

Active Treatment Focuses On:

Reducing psychiatric symptoms

Educational intervention aimed at understanding the course of psychiatric illness and prevention and management of the acute phases of the condition

Identifying individual's behavioral assets and strengths

Providing services according to individualized needs


"Morgan is CEO and program director at New Pathways Youth and Mental Health Services Inc. Because New Pathways already was working with Lanell and his family, Morgan has stayed in close communication with the Richmond Behavioral Health Authority, which assessed the boy before referring him to crisis stabilization."

"New Pathways has moved them out of the home and into transitional housing. Michelle is back on her medication and working with a counselor; Zachary is working with a case worker and taking steps to complete his GED while looking for work."

“It’s a wonderful first step, but it’s a first step,” said Maurice Morgan, CEO and program director of South Richmond-based New Pathways, who has advocated for better communication among mental health providers. “That’s closing the gap. Usually what happens is these guys go to jail and don’t get the help they need.”

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